About the Event

The Partnership for Recovery and Resilience is a collective of donors, UN Agencies and NGOs working together to increase resilience and reduce the vulnerability of the South Sudanese people and the institutions who represent them. It facilitates bottom-up solutions at the individual, household and community levels while also working closely with local authorities and institutions. Formally established in March 2018, the Partnership champions local ownership and integrates conflict sensitivity and flexibility in all aspects of its work. This allows it to develop new, inclusive ways of doing business to better help communities adapt and cope with the multiple shocks they face.

Every year, the PfRR aspires to have a Learning Forum that can help us pause and reflect on the past year and prepare for our activities for the new year to come. However, 2020 came with a twist as it presented us with the global shock of Covid-19. This year’s Forum was therefore a virtual conference that addressed the theme “Communities responding to Covid-19 in complex shock environments.” The event took place on 14 and 15 April 2021 as a virtual conference.





Day One

Community First, but not Alone!

The objectives of Day 1 were to:

  • Share and learn about community resilience through the 2019/2020 pandemic.
  • Review preliminary JAMMG findings on how communities are responding to shocks. The primary shock is Covid-19 and its impacts including secondary impacts such as compounding socio-economic challenges. The other shocks will be determined by the Institutional Architecture for Resilience (IA4R) assessment.
  • Review various responses to these shocks.
  • Gather ideas to inform community-led resilience programming.
Day Two


The objectives of Day 2 were to:

  • Understand the concept and importance of convergence and what it takes to achieve convergence.
  • Identify opportunities for convergence.
  • So what? Agree next steps towards building convergence.


Event Resources

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File Name: FINAL-ALF-2020-Master-Slide-Deck_-Day-2.pdf

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Featured Speakers

Alain Noudéhou

Ros Cooper

Hon. Gov. Sarah Cleto Rial

Hon. Pia Philip Michael

Antoinette Sullivan

Michiel Smet

Boiketho F.R. Murima

Christopher Murenga

John Ulimwengu

Julie Kiwanuka

Kuach Pech

Larry Cooley

Luca Scarpa

Russom Habtegabriel

Agau Kun Kuol

Santino Deng Ngong

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