Vegetable gardens changing lives in Warrap

Akon Cidho Deng harvesting tomatoes from her family garden in Warrap. She is a beneficiary of vegetable seeds distributed by Islamic Relief in Warrap.

The introduction of small family vegetable farms after the distribution of vegetable seeds in Warrap has significantly improved people’s diet and changed the lives of a population who are known for their high meat consumption in South Sudan.

This is after Islamic Relief South Sudan with support from its partner office Islamic Relief UK rolled out an integrated project intended to improve the livelihood of 2000 beneficiaries in Tonj north Warrap.

The Warrap Resilience and Adaptation project (WRAP) provided seeds and training on agriculture and economics to farmers in Alabek, Rualbet, Awul, Lou-noi, Akop. Other key components of the intervention include the rehabilitation of a modern drip irrigation system that produces thousands of liters of water per hour.

Akon Cidho Deng, a mother of nine children is a housewife and farmer who practices small-scale farming to provide food for her family.

“Meat is a traditional food for people in Warrap. The effect of meat consumption has led to several cases of loss of eyesight.”

Akon further says that “With this variety of vegetables, these will certainly improve the health and diet of my family.”

Akon’s husband who works as an executive director of a local government in Warrap is grateful to her wife for introducing vegetables to his family.

“I used to see and sometimes eat such vegetables either Wau or Juba,” he. Explains.

The integration of a peace component through training members of the society is meant to help communities who have suffered intercommunal conflict to realize peace dividends. The peace component is another initiative that has been widely appreciated by the government at all levels in South Sudan. Some of the planned project activities such as peace rallies were not conducted as originally designed due to the Covid-19 guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

Islamic Relief finds out the most basic needs of societies and employs innovative solutions required to enable communities to live a decent life as per the international humanitarian laws.

Every project has its unique objectives, and for people in Warrap, all humanitarian programs carried out by Islamic Relief are a source of adventure as new sources of livelihoods are being introduced

The people of Warrap have received support from the United Kingdom since 2004, and it is through their generous support that Islamic Relief has gained recognition in a country where more than seven million experience acute food insecurity and there are huge humanitarian gaps.  Your Content Goes Here

By: Ochan Joram David Silvio

Islamic Relief South Sudan Media and Communication,